About me
Name: Thomas Engelhardt
Date of birth: 27.05.1974
Occupation: Student
Interests (rocketry): Mainly propulsion, but also aerodynamics and design. Lately I have started scaling military rockets for my high power needs (see picture below).
Interests (non-rocketry): playing drums, reading, cinema, pyrotechnics, hanging around and goofing off with a bunch of friends, computers (using, not understanding, that is. For a better understanding, check out this site), hiking, deserts, skiing, snowboarding, watching Formula 1 races on TV.
Additional info: rocketeer since 1985. I started off with little model rockets my father and I built out of heavy card stock and launched on German C4-0's. After a short visit into the amazing world of pyrotechnics (and several craters in the backyard later) I returned to rocketry in 1991. Since then I have built about forty model and high power rockets, several solid propellant candy rocket motors and one micrograin motor (all of those not in Germany), joined the Tripoli Rocketry Association and certified Level 1 and 2. Liquid bipropellant rockets have always fascinated me because of their sheer rumbling power, the slow lift offs and their complexity. Another reason why I always wanted to build one is that

"Real rockets have tanks." - Sue McMurray


Oh, by the way, here's a picture so you know who's responsible for this...
The guy with the yellow rubber boots is my friend Hendrik Lau (not merely an amateur rocket motor builder, as he's a real life rocket scientist and works for the DLR ). I'm the one holding the Kormoran missile.


Now that you have read this far, you will be rewarded with some
Absolutely useless info: Need some cheat codes for Earthworm Jim I (the best jump'n'run ever made)? Look no further! To get the codes working, simply type in the words once you have started the level.
pulsating: Giant nose, glasses and moustache for our hero
bloated: Afro!
festering: Red afro!
pusfilled: Nice antennas
malformed: Absolutely horrible, 50's style glasses
slug for a butt: Well, this is just....stupid
onandonandon: The King's alive!
Well, ok, the following codes actually serve a purpose in the game:
popquizhotshot: An extra 1000 rounds for your plasma gun
itsawonderful: An extra life
slaughterhouse: Lets you select one of the first five levels. This is especially useful as you normally have to finish one level in order to start with the next on.