Clubs and Organisations

 Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) : This is the US high power organisation. They organise the largest rocketry event in the world (LDRS), test motors etc. A good place to start learning about rocketry.

 Reaction Research Society (RRS) : The oldest continously operating amateur rocketry group is situated in the USA as well. Their projects feature mainly liquid bipropellant and hybrid rocket motors, but solids and exotic motors can be found there as well. The webpage has very good pictures and reports about their projects.

 MARS : The Middlesex Advanced Rocketry Society is located in Great Britain and has high power as well as amateur rocketry. They are the current holder of the UK altitude record.

 ARGOS : The Advanced Rocketry Group of Switzerland. Organises regular smaller launch days and one big event, ALRS (the European LDRS) in March each year. If you're in Europe and want to see flights up to "M", this is definitely the place to go.

 DERA : A rare thing, the Deutsche Experimentalraketen Arbeitsgemeinschaft! This group launches high power rockets in Germany (hybrids), organises trips to Peenmünde etc. Webpage is full of good rocketry info.

 NEAR : Norwegian amateur rocketeers. Check out the projects section on their page, very cool designs there.

 NERO: the Dutch amateur rocketeers are active in the field of hybrid and solid rocket propulsion. Very well thought out designs, check out their documentation - and their equipment!

 Swiss Propulsion Laboratory (SPL) : You can' t get more professional as an amateur as the Swiss Propulsion Laboratory. Their complex almost looks like some NASA building.

 WARR: Located at the University of Munich, Germany. They have their own test stand for the students and have launched quite a few well built rockets.

 ARocket : The place to go when you're interested in amateur rocketry. Subscribe to the list and expect up to 100 messages a day. Very competent people will help you with your problems. As with all lists: lurk first, then ask.

Groups and Individuals

 Aerospace Systems Cologne: ASC was founded by Hendrik Lau (my friend from the DLR), and is all about experimental KN/Sorbitol propellant motors. Various motors have been built and fired so far with the biggest motor being in the 'M' class. I witnessed the test, and it was ground shaking. Definitely a site worth browsing through!!

 Antares : The Antares group is located in Berling. Germany, and builds hybrid rockets.

 Richard Nakka : The candy propellant guru. If you don't find the info you need on his page, chances are it hasn't been done yet. Very extensive research with lots of goodies to look for.

 NASSA : Those guys are active in the construction of solid propellant motors - take your time to look around.

 Wolfgang Schäfer : One of Germany's finest experimental rocket builders. His rockets feature unique experiments and are extremely well built. Defintely a place to look around!

 Online Construction Manual : Learn how to build and static test a small liquid bipropellant rocket motor.  

 Raketenmodellbau-Forum : One of the two German rocketry forums. This one is for experimental/amateur and sport rocketry, but also features sections about model rocketry, tools, tips and tricks etc.  

 Modellraketen-Forum : The other of the two forums. More active in the field of model rocketry, sport and scale rocketry.


 Kynol Europa : Manufacturer of heat resistant fibers and fabrics

 Aerocon Systems : Liquid biprop motors, graphite, tanks, valves, name it, Bob's got it. Excellent selction of real rocket hardware for your amateur rocketry project.

 Public Missiles Ltd. : Public Missiles is one of the first high power rocketry vendors, and they have excellent kits for beginners and experts alike. For those who more into scratch building, they sell components up to 11.5" in diameter. Take your time and surf their site - it's worth it! Very good and fast service.

 Bacuplast Kunststoffe : Offers glass, carbon and kevlar fibers, resins, and associated material. Well worth a stop when you're surfing the net.

Looking for amateur rocketry dealers or groups ? Drop us a mail, we will try to help you with adresses. If you have a website and would like to be included here, mail us the adress and a short description and we will include your site here.